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Western Horses

Originally bred as work horses for cattle work on the big ranches in the USA, this horse breed is used today in various western tournaments. In Western riding the Western horses compete with their riders in disciplines such as Reining, Cutting or Western Pleasure. Beside the best known western horse breed Quarter Horse, the cowboys often choose a Paint Horse, an Appaloosa or a Criollo.

Western horses from the artist’s point of view

In the artist’s horse paintings, the distinctive musculature of the Western horses stands out in particular. Furthermore, in her commissioned works on own horses, she particularly involves the rider in action and strongly emphasizes the movement of the horse. You can find out more about the specific presentation of these horses at www.kerstin-tschech.com.

Natural Horsemanship – Pat Pirelli

The basic training for humans and horses, created by the famous horse trainer Pat Pirelli, focuses on mutual communication and the demands of the different types of horses in order to establish the best possible trust between humans and horses. Pat Pirelli’s teachings in particular have become an important factor in the training of horses and therefore shape the western riding scene in the leisure sector.