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Equitation: bascule, passage, strong trot and much more

In the Equestrian Sports section, you can choose fromart prints in which the artist has particularly worked out the characteristics of the respective equestrian sport and captured the typical scene for the respective discipline. Whether a horse jumping over an oxer with a corresponding bascule, a rider with a dressage horse in a traversal or a duel between two polo players sitting their horses, here you get the whole range of the riding sport in artistic representation offered. Thus every equestrian enthusiast can find himself in his discipline.

A painting is created step by step

Hard contrasts, soft pastel shades and an incredible variety of motifs in every equestrian discipline. Kerstin Tschech’s contemporary works in modern horse painting skillfully balance a certain abstraction with a clearly recognizable scenery of the respective equestrian sport. In this way, the client can choose which part appears more important to him in the equestrian scene. This will be worked out separately by the artist afterwards. She succeeds with traditional craftsmanship and spontaneous design methods, which she combines with each other. Thus she moves between implied impressions and photographically inspired works of art.

Equestrian disciplines

The equestrian sport is made up of various disciplines, including show jumping, dressage, western riding, baroque riding and vaulting. Polo and driving are also separate equestrian sports. In each of these equestrian disciplines, the horse partner who should have the right physical and mental abilities is very important. While, for example, a strong figure and a portion of nerve strength are very much in demand with driving horses, the polo player attaches more importance to the endurance and speed of his horse. In addition, the relationship between rider and horse plays an important role when it comes to joint success in a discipline.